“Chaz was great, it was a really well run course. Good tempo, great teaching skills and a huge depth of knowledge on the subject so I’d be very happy to recommend the your course to others. The venue was also a good choice.” Paul, First Aid at Work course July 2021

“It was a really good 2 days. Chaz was superb and really maintained the interest of the group throughout. Covid obviously makes things quite difficult but under the circumstances Chaz did brilliantly and delivered a really engaging course.” Lee, First Aid at Work, July 2021

“I would recommend this training. The online pre practical training suited my learning style which was reinforced with in the face to face.” Bridget, blended Paediatric course.

“Thank you for a wonderful day of learning. It was so nice to listen to someone both passionate and knowledgeable about their career. I look forward to one day soon taking further courses from your company and just wanted you and Lorraine both to know how much fun and how professional the course was.” Mitchell, EFAW April 2021

“This course was a dynamic programme with practical skills, enough theoretical knowledge to make relevant meaning, and a smidge of way-higher information to satisfy the most intellectually curious. Hands-on skills followed directly from the theoretical as taught, and question-and-answer sessions were informative, always on-point, and validated both the content learning and the students’ different learning styles and level of prior experience. A highlight of the programme was the respect that quickly developed between the Chaz and the learners, and hence, among the entire group – super! Over the years I’ve taken my fair share of first aid care courses, and Chaz delivered a product that was among the top I can recall in terms of value-added “I’m really glad I took this course” learning experiences in this field.” Martyn, February 2020

“I found an old lady having an angina attack on Sunday evening just 2 days after my course, without instruction from Chaz I would have run around like a headless chicken! Instead we calmed her down, another person was sent to fetch her spray while I waited with her and all was well soon after and we escorted her gently back to her house.
Without Chaz’s excellent method of teaching I would have been clueless, but because of Chaz I had the confidence to step in and offer help (which was graciously accepted).
Thank You Chaz and to everyone else there, you are proper life changers and savers!” Ben, Barnstaple January 2020

“It was good to have a trainer that had obviously got wide experience of real life, not just book learning and a bit of event attending to provide cover just in case. As we’re dealing with Adam the emphasis being think on your feet as the way to do stuff is slightly outside the norm was very valuable. Chaz has the ability to help a new carer and also those with a great deal of experience to learn new things and feel enthused to update themselves. She enables everyone to use their own experiences to inform the discussion without derailing the course.
The course materials given to each of us were bright,new and in a very readable format. I shall be rebooking the yearly update for my staff each year.
I would recommend Chaz and this course to anyone who takes first aid seriously. ” Jeanette, January 2020

“What an in-depth and thoroughly enjoyable experience, I have been on 1st Aid courses before but this was so informative and with Chas giving her own experiences, hands on, it really brought it to life. I went straight home and shared lots of insights and practical knowledge with my partner and daughter, who also wants to go on the course too!
Can’t thank you enough, I will definitely recommend you!” Fiona, September 2019

“First Aid at Hand should visit every school and the local authority should support concepts such as these. The governors and parent body should welcome this potentially life saving introduction to first aid for our citizens of the future. The tutors were absolutely fantastic and pitched the content perfectly, to each of our age groups, from 3 to 11 year olds. I hope to make it an annual part of the curriculum at St Petroc’s School and Early Years.” Headteacher, St Petroc’s Bude February 2019

“My carers group did a course with first Aid At Hand and it was done in such a relaxed way that we all learned easily and remembered what we learned. One of our members had done courses before and did not like them but thoroughly enjoyed this one by First Aid At Hand and learned so much more as a consequence. Another member had occasion to use CPR 3 weeks after the course and the paramedics praised her for her efforts before their arrival. It is very professionally taught with plenty of equipment to practice with and really well worth attending a course. I don’t hesitate in recommending them, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.” Cathy Hobbs May 2017

“Really ideal course for beginners and as a refresher – carried out in a relaxed professional manner, a lot of life saving techniques done in 2 hours.” “First time to learn about first aid for me.I enjoyed a course and learnt so much ! Thank you Chaz and Lorraine.” “Just had a refresher with the lovely Chaz and Lorraine! I’ve never enjoyed a first aid class as much as this one, very informative and helpful, a comfortable friendly environment too which was lovely, I’d highly recommend! Thanks ladies xx”

Feedback from 2 hour workshop in May 2017 at Orchard Vale Community School.

“I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for organising our Emergency First Aid at Work course yesterday.

Chaz was fun, knowledgeable, experienced and very professional throughout the whole course. She encouraged any and all questions and took time to answer fully, with examples and scenarios which made quite complex issues very understandable which filled us with confidence.

She made every effort to cover aspects of paediatric first aid where possible which was a request and checked our understanding at the end to make absolutely sure we were confident. There was excellent use of scenarios, practical, theory and partner work. Overall we really enjoyed every aspect so, a huge thank you to Chaz. “

Rosie Bracher Solicitors, Barnstaple January 2018

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