Covid-19 modified delivery

Being a safety company, the safety of our clients and staff are the utmost priority. Which is why we have introduced many measures in the past month not only to comply with covid-19 regulations but to go the extra step to keep everyone as safe as possible.

The training venue we use for open courses has been covid-19 risk assessed, is a large airy space and provides handwashing facilities on the same floor as the training. During the course we will be the only party using the space on this level. The room allows for 2m distancing at all times. For private courses onsite we ask for the same.

Each participant must bring a mask to the session to be worn in corridors and communal areas such as making a cuppa. During the actual training it is not required to wear a mask as 2m distancing will be in place. Should the instructor need to come within this distance for assessment purposes both will be required to wear a mask.

Hand gel, wipes, gloves and handwashing facilities are all provided and available for use at all times.

Equipment will not be shared for the duration of the course. Each participant will have their own manikin and bandage. Manikins are disinfected to the same standard as always between courses with fresh lungs.

Temperatures are checked on arrival of the course and standard covid-19 questions in place. Should someone not be able to attend for this reason they will be placed on the next available course.

The course itself is modified for participant safety. For example you are working on your own manikin rather than sharing. You will place yourself in the recovery position to demonstrate this skill rather than another participant! Likewise bandaging will be practised on yourself or your manikin.

The course will still be interactive, fun, social (at a distance!) and provide the same skill level and qualifications as previous.

Don’t hesitate to call us to discuss any of these procedures or concerns you may have.

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