First Aid kit essentials

Do you have a first aid kit at home? Do you know what items you should take on day trips, holidays or in your car?

Off the shelf first aid kits usually contain basic staples that should be included in all first aid kits, however, it’s important to recognise that different circumstances require different first aid kit items. Just as you would pack different clothes for a camping trip as you would for an overnight business conference, your first aid kit also needs tailoring to the occasion!

Let’s start with basic essentials which should be in every first aid kit, then we’ll take a look at how to tailor your first aid kit to different circumstances.

Basic Staples for Every First Aid Kit

  • Phone numbers for emergency services, emergency contact information (if you are travelling overseas, find these out in advance)
  • Any required prescription medication with dosage instructions
  • Latex gloves to act as a barrier against blood borne pathogens (also spares in case they tear or are punctured).
  • Ventilation barrier such as a pocket mask or face shield
  • Sterile gauze pads in a range of sizes for cuts and grazes
  • Adhesive tape for easily dressing wounds
  • Triangular bandage for immobilising dislocations, sprains and fractures
  • Sterile cotton pads to dress wounds
  • Cotton tipped swabs to clean wounds
  • Scissors to cut clothes or dressings
  • Tweezers or needles for removing foreign matter from wounds
  • Clinging rolled bandages in various sizes to dress wounds
  • Oral thermometer
  • Antibacterial hand wash or soap to clean yourself up after providing care

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