First Aid training is essential for schools to meet requirements.  First Aid at Hand not only deliver Paediatric First Aid, First Aid at Work and Emergency First Aid at Work courses to ensure you have sufficient staff qualified but also a range of workshops and courses to support schools, parents and pupils.  Our flexibility of delivery ensures normal service delivery is not interrupted at your school. All instructors delivering training will have worked in the school environment previously understanding this unique area and be able to incorporate your policies and procedures into the training.

There are many advantages of us coming to you to deliver training; training can be specific to your location, environment and school activities with scenarios selected specifically for your school. The time and cost saved in transporting staff to a venue allow your budget to be spent more wisely.

Forest School Leaders can also participate in the same course as scenarios will be adapted for their requirements.

First Aid skills workshops are available for staff, pupils and parents.

Non-pupil days

Hold a 2 hour skills workshop for all staff on an inset day. This will ensure that everyone has the necessary skills to help a child or colleague should it be required. These sessions are also great for team building and developing confidence.


As part of the curriculum or for after school clubs our workshops are affordable. Can support pupils with providing them with practical skills and build confidence.

Workshops can be from year 1: never too young to learn life saving first Aid skills.


Everyone needs First Aid skills but often as parents of young children there is no time or funds to undertake a course. Our 2 hour workshops are perfect as the essential first aid skills are taught in just 2 hours. We charge a fixed rate for the workshop so they are also a potential fundraising idea for the school for Friends or PTFA. These workshop skills allow parents to interact more with the school. Joint parent children sessions can also be held – a really fun way to learn! This may benefit families or pupils with different needs to support communication whilst learning a life skill together.

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